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Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is the dynamic combination of herbs into formulas in order to produce powerful physiologic changes in the body. There are numerous formulas or custom prescriptions that can be utilized to help a client heal from the inside out. Each herb has a specific therapeutic effect on the body that has been determined through research and empirical observation. Each herb has a specific flavor such as sour, bitter, acrid, salty, and sweet; temperature such as cold, cool, neutral, warm, and hot; and meridian/ organ system that they affect such as the Spleen or Heart. The flavor, temperature, and meridian/organ system determine the therapeutic action of the herb. Therapeutic actions include diaphoretics (cleansing through sweat), anti-inflammatories, diuretics (cleansing through urine), digestives, internal warmers, relaxants, tonics and many other categories.

Herbs are then combined into formulas to accomplish several therapeutic actions simultaneously. Herbal formulas are categorized in the same manner as the singular herbs. Herbal formulas are prescribed based on the disorder and client’s specific characteristics and symptoms. Even if two people have the same condition, they will likely be prescribed different herbal formulas. For example, one client may need more help circulating blood to reduce back pain and regenerate injured tissue, while another client may need their immune system strengthened as their back pain may only surface when they are sick or when the weather changes.

Numerous research studies exist on the effects of single herbs and formulas on the human body for various conditions. At HealingTree, Chinese herbal formulas are often added into the treatment plan. Herbal formulas are also prescribed as a stand-alone treatment for disorders.

Dietary Therapy Consult

A dietary therapy consultation is the evaluation and recommendation of foods and their preparation for a specific diagnosis and individual’s specific characteristics. It is a highly recommended aspect of healing the ‘whole’ person. “You are what you eat” is a mantra that holds true. Nutritional guidelines and supplementation need to be specific to you as an individual, because everyone has different constitutions. The food we eat and the strength of our digestion and assimilation influences our energy level, immune system, and mental / emotional state. The foods a person should consume are based on that individual's constitution. For example, those with a yin deficiency should consume moist nourishing foods while those with a yang deficiency should eat well cooked foods. Some need to stay away from certain foods, like sugar or dairy. Others need more specific nutritional guidance from customized dietary analysis by examining the body’s response to certain foods using modern lab techniques. At HealingTree, a dietary therapy consult can be an adjunct or stand-alone modality.

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