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Prices + Clinic Policies


Initial Evaluation

Initial Evaluation for Acupuncture                  150

Initial Evaluation for Physiotherapy               150


Follow up Acupuncture                                    110

Follow up Acupuncture with membership    85

Orthopedic/Trigger Point Needling                65

Cosmetic Acupuncture                                     175 / 1500 for 10 treatment series (Save $250)

Other Modalities

AcuSticker / AcuSeed                                       45-35

Manual Therapy (Cupping/Guasha/Astym)  65

Estim                                                                   12.50 / unit

Moxibustion/Heat Therapy                             65

Neuromuscular Re-set:                                    45 / unit

TDP Therapy                                                      12.50 / unit

Tui Na (Medical Massage)                                2/minute

Therapeutic Exercise                                        35-45 / 15 minutes

Dietary Therapy Initial Consult                  150

Herbal Formulas/Supplements                   Prices Vary

TeleHealth Consults (Online / Phone)

New Patient                                                        150

Established Patient Follow Up                         110 / 85 (with membership)

Care Clinic* - Private & Group Treatments 

Weekly availability is limited and times vary. Call to schedule (701) 757-4325

Acupuncture                                                       65

Acupuncture Plus |1 additional modality     110

Acupunctur Total Support  | 2+ modalities  185

AcuCare Package* | 6 Treatment Series

Acupuncture                                                       85

You'll notice the best results from acupuncture with consistent care. Most patients begin to feel better after a few treatments, but for chronic conditions we recommend a minimum of 6 treatments to reduce symptoms, treat the underlying issue(s) and provide sustained relief.  


The AcuCare Package offers an affordable option for those with budget concerns in need of continued care. Save $25/visit and $150 in total. Once scheduled, your special rate of $85 per acupuncture treatment will be applied at the time of your visit. No up front costs required, only your agreement to attend six consecutive biweekly or weekly treatments to support your treatment plan.

A treatment session typically consists of several modalities and an average cost per treatment ranges from $85 - $325.  Each modality has a specific therapeutic benefit. We incorporate what is necessary and appropriate for the most effective and efficient results. For example, in one session, a client may receive medical cupping, moxibustion, acupuncture, and heat therapy. 

*In order to comply with insurance policies and legal requirements, patients filing and receiving insurance reimbursement are unable to dually participate in Clinic Care or AcuCare Package pricing. Please determine which may offer the most savings and let us know how to support you. Our special rates are accepted for all acupuncture appointments and providers, except those scheduled with Dr K St John. 

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is reserved specifically for you. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please allow at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Changes can be made by email at or by contacting the clinic at (701) 757-4325.

The full amount of the treatment will be charged if less than 24 hour notice is given prior to cancelling an appointment.

Exceptions will be made for late cancellation or reschedule requests for the following reasons:


  • Medical or family emergencies

  • Bad weather with local school closure

Appointments are considered cancelled 20 minutes after the appointment time without advance notice, and charged to the card on file per the policy. Please contact us at (701) 757-4325 if you are running late, so we may offer an intake via phone and begin the treatment immediately upon your arrival.

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